Eight Fearless Irishmen

Eight Fearless Irishmen

Featuring short biographies of eight fearless and inspiring Irishmen, some of whom you will know well, others less so yet still deserving of attention: Michael Collins, Kevin O’Higgins, Douglas Hyde, Hugh Lane, Michael O’Rahilly, Thomas MacDonagh, Erskine Childers, Paul Cullen

The Lives of Ten Influential Irishwomen

Ten Influential Irishwomen

The short biographies of ten intrepid Irishwomen are told in this book, each of whom merits more respect and attention than history has thus far given: Constance Markievicz, Maud Gonne,Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, Sarah Purser, Saidie Patterson, Edith Londonderry, Augusta Gregory, Alice Milligan, Mary Bailey, Hazel Lavery.

Maeve de Markievicz: Daughter of Constance

Maeve de Markievicz

Maeve, though not a frontline subject in Ireland’s history, has an interesting and compelling story to reveal. Her position as the daughter of such a famous Irishwoman makes for a unique look at the mother/daughter relationship.