William Craig

William Craig: His Life in Politics

William Craig was immersed in Northern Ireland politics during the Province’s most traumatic and critical times.

He was ambitious and, when appointed by Terence O’Neill as minister of Home Affairs, Craig made his mark in double quick time.

He is best remembered for his Vanguard Movement and its reckless rhetoric. His political career took all sorts of turns, from being the darling of the unionist masses to plumbing the depths of agonising despair when voters, who had previously elected him to Westminster, deserted him in their droves.

He died in April 2011 having spent the last thirty years of his life as a silent recluse.

As a result little is known of William Craig’s private life. Whilst his public life has been exposed for everyone to see and read about, the inner Craig remains a mystery. In writing this memoir it has not been my intention in any way to focus on William Craig’s private time but to concentrate on what made William Craig tick in the public arena.

Published: December 2011