Irish History for the Inquisitive – Part 2

This is yet another opportunity for me to introduce you to more of Ireland’s stalwarts whose accomplishments were truly breath-taking including the stories of yet another daring aviatrix and even a double agent.

You will see the women and men who revitalised Ireland and be proud of our country’s heritage so often hidden from view. And make sure to share these tales with your family and friends – they too will doubtless be dumbfounded and amazed, but pleased to have read this book.

Featuring the stories of:

  • Hugh O’Flaherty
  • Lady Mary Heath
  • John Devoy
  • Ethna Carbery
  • Captain Charles Boycott
  • Jennie Wyse Power
  • Ernest Blythe
  • Mary Macswiney
  • John Charles McQuaid
  • Charlotte Despard
  • Blessed Edmund Rice
  • The Irish and the Boer War
  • James Larkin

Published: July 2021

£8 (plus p&p)

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