Ireland’s Rebellions and her Peacemakers

When we think of Ireland’s history a number of events spring to mind, such as the Great Famine and the Easter Rising, but when we have the chance to further delve into past stories we discover the tragedies of the ’98 rebellion.

Why did such horror break out and in so few parts of our country? Why were so many innocent people slaughtered and many by their friends and neighbours? And what was the aim of those who perpetrated this infamy upon our land? The answer is straightforward – it was to ensure that every person throughout the island of Ireland was given equal rights – Catholics, Presbyterians and Dissenters – as well as Protestants. Tragically this did not happen at this time, but we should all, young and not so young, know more about these happenings.

But there is always a brighter side even after these sorrows. You will also read about women and men like Harry Boland who, in my estimation, set the foundations for a better Ireland; Alice Stopford Green who made fantastic contributions to our country and Liam Mellows and Sean MacBride whose names should never be forgotten.

And also remember, and I may be one of the first to make this declaration – it is the Irish who continue to contribute more to the world’s society than those of any other race.

Be proud to be Irish.

Published: October 2022